Microsoft Graph API and test with Microsoft 365 Developer Proxy

Microsoft SharePoint Graph API setup and using Microsoft 365 Developer Proxy is a command line tool to simulates real world behaviors of Microsoft Graph and other APIs, locally.


Basant Pandey

10/28/20231 min read

black and white laptop computer
black and white laptop computer


I recently tested some scenarios to mock the real API response codes like 429 and 500.

Setup Your System

  1. Update app settings based on your Shareoint tenant appsettings.json

  2. Create Site Collection in your Tenant (Get the Site ID)

  3. Create a List a SharePoint List (Get the List ID)

  4. Use Graph Explorer to test your quries

  5. Use Client ID and Client certificate to access to token.

  6. Use Graph Developer API Testing tool to check the retry attempts in action.

  7. Pnp-Powershell link

Create Site collection

  1. Login to SharePoint Admin create site collection

  2. Using team site template to create the site.

Setup your data

  1. use setup.ps1 file to create list and site columns.

  2. Use the Site ID to update SiteId variable in appsettings.json

  3. Use the List ID to update SiteId variable in appsettings.json

Execute Graph Qeury with Retry Project

  1. Execute the code without a proxy tool.

  2. Download Exe from the Graph API Proxy tool

  3. Open Command Prompt type. m365proxy --failure-rate 50 --no-mocks --allowed-errors 429